Superhero Code

Improving Perceived Code Quality in TypeScript

3 years ago

Quality may be found in code in three ways: ease of discovery, ease of updating, and legibility. A high quality codebase will have all three. Lower quality codebases may only have one or two....

Announcing: Artemis

5 years ago

I've been on a hiatus working on Artemis, a small companion package that works with Apollo. I'll talk about its benefits and how it works in this post: Initial State creation & cache restoration One of the pain points I wanted to see alleviated was a cleaner API for initializing...

Defeating Analysis Paralysis

5 years ago

Seathe the Scaleless from Dark Souls. The boss has an ability to curse you and petrify you if you are not careful. What is Analysis Paralysis? Analysis Paralysis is a curse that has plagued many developers. It's the creeping voice in the back of your head that says "what...

Improving the Developer Experience (and everyone else too!)

5 years ago

I've worked at different types of companies, talked to people that work at others, and I've noticed a common theme across both: when the developer experience is great, the work is great. If it's not, it quickly can stifle innovation and lead to a mass exodus of developers from a...